This category looks at the impact of explosive violence in Ukraine since 2014. In that time, of all civilian casualties by explosive weapon use recorded, 88% were in populated areas.

    • Human Rights Watch: Russian Strikes Killed Scores of Civilians in Chernihiv

      A Human Rights Watch investigation found that four air and ground-launched attacks on the Ukrainian city of Chernihiv, in March 2022, were in clear violation of the?laws of war. These included the bombing of an apartment complex that killed 47 civilians, an attack that killed at least 17 people in a bread line outside a supermarket, and two separate attacks, including one using widely banned cluster munitions, that damaged two hospitals.

    • At Least Three Killed and 19 Injured in 9th Recorded Russian Air Strike on a School in Ukraine

      At least three people were killed and 19 injured in a Russian airstrike on schools in Novhorod-Siverskyi, Chernihiv, on Thursday 12 May. Russian troops reportedly fired several missiles at a school and boarding school, damaging an administrative building and some residential houses in the ensuing fire.

    • 600 Killed in Russian Strike on Mariupol Theatre: Deadliest Attack in Russian Invasion

      The siege of Mariupol is proving to be one of the deadliest episodes in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, with the lack of definitive data on casualties proving to be a “big black hole” in terms of accessing corroborated information. On 16 March 2022, a Russian airstrike hit the theatre in Mariupol, causing the roof and some of the exterior walls to collapse inwards. Communications were disrupted and there were conflicting reports on survivors. For many days, authorities were unable to provide a casualty count, but on 25 March they confirmed, from witness reports, that around 300 people had been killed. This made the airstrike the deadliest attack since the beginning of the invasion. However, since then, Associated Press (AP) have come forward with revised evidence, suggesting that the death count is closer to 600. The strike on Mariupol’s theatre remains the single deadliest attack against civilians during Russia’s war on Ukraine.

    • At Least 62 Killed in Russian Strike on School

      At least 62 people were killed in a Russian airstrike on a school, on Saturday 7 May 2022. 90 people were using the school as a shelter in the village of Bilohorivka, and following the strike, 30 have been pulled from the rubble.

    • At least 59 civilians killed and over 80 injured in rocket strike on evacuees at Donetsk railway station

      On the morning of 8 April 2022, two powerful rockets struck Kramatorsk railway station, killing at least 39 people and injuring 87 more, most of whom were families of women, children, and the elderly.

    AOAV: all our reports

    This is a list of all reports published by Action on Armed Violence

    Militarism examined

    This category looks into militaries and militarism, with a focus on Great Britain. From how the UK became one of the world’s leading arms exporters, to why we continue to export to nations with serious human rights concerns, to investigations into the UK’s armed forces, it seeks to challenge the contradictions and failures of British militarism, and the failure of other nations militaries, today.

    Weapons explained

    A brief summary of some of the major weapons types and their impact

    Children and explosive violence

    The impact of explosive violence on children is devastating and commonplace.? This section examines the short- and long-term effects of explosive weapon use on children around the world.

    Environment and explosive violence

    AOAV examines the reverberating environmental impacts from the use of explosive weapons.

    • Civil Society Statement on the Protection of Civilians in Urban Conflict (2022)

      AOAV is proud to be one of the endorsing NGOs for the Civil Society Statement on the Protection of Civilians in Urban Conflicts, ahead of the UN's annual open debate on the protection of civilians (POC) in armed conflict. Over the past year, the devastating impact of urban warfare on civilians has been made increasingly clear, especially the parallel direct and indirect, short-term and long-term nature of urban warfare's effects on civilians and civilian infrastructure.

    • Looting the Land: is Ukraine’s black earth a reason for Putin’s invasion?

      Now sabotaging Russian tanks, Ukraine’s rich soil may be the prize that Putin seeks from his violence, write Dimitris Dimitriadis and Iain Overto

    Gender and explosive violence

    We know that when explosive weapons are used in populated areas over 90% of those killed or injured will be civilians. What is less known is the impact on men and women from such violence. AOAV here examines explosive violence in its different forms, looking especially at its gendered impact on communities

    Health and explosive violence

    AOAV examines the reverberating impacts from the use of explosive weapons.

    Explosive Violence Monthly Reports

    Since 2011, AOAV has been recording the global harm wrought by explosive weapons on civilians. Through monitoring English language media reports, we?demonstrate consistent patterns of harm arising from the use?of explosive violence, in particular their effects on civilian populations. These reports are issued annually with monthly updates.

    • Explosive Violence in April 2022?

      In April 2022, Action on Armed Violence recorded 2, 143 deaths and injuries from 237 incidents of explosive violence around the world, as reported in English-language media. Civilians accounted for 80% (1, 722) of the deaths and injuries recorded.

    • Explosive Violence in March 2022

      In March 2022, Action on Armed Violence recorded 2,856 deaths and injuries from 216 incidents of explosive violence around the world, as reported in English-language media. Civilians accounted for 73% (2,074) of the deaths and injuries recorded.